April 17, 2012

Vitruvian Man…manifests


So…I got to thinking….that if I really want to continue with figure drawing, that I really should take on the opposite sex.  I remembered this da Vinci sketch, drawn almost 500 yrs ago.  And I thought….ok….why not….not much hair, a definite plus!

Drew out the contour first….like usual.  If I could I would’ve showed you my first attempt here…..he had gorilla proportions….seriously!  (I didn’t have to erase the legs but my, did I do a number on his shoulders!)

I’d prefer to go in and sketch this…but what is there to sketch?  It’s a line drawing.  Ugh!  So, I am now thinking I’ll go in and whimsey-size it.


JP said...

Somehow, I don't see a possibility of ANYTHING whimsy about him. don't disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your sketches, doodles & your blog every time you post. LOVE the beautiful quilts you've made. Such beautiful colors & designs. I can't sew a stitch except for some mending & even that's terrible.
Thanks for sharing.
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Eden said...

Thanks JP and Nancy :D

Ro Paxman said...

You are so ambitious, Eden! Ack! I have confidence that you'll do it.

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