May 2, 2012

Ursula….the Unfiltered

Wow!  It’s been awhile since I’ve shown you any birds here.  The last one was Sassy Zany Birds in February.  I drew this bird back in March because well….I was bad inconsiderate and I needed to apologize to someone dear to me.

I guess I could’ve bought a card….or baked cookies….sent flowers.  But this was the way I chose to grovel. 

Ursula-the-Unfiltered….She thinks she can handle anything cuz she likes to multi-task.  One clue that she’s having trouble keeping all the balls in the air is when she loses her filters.  The connection between her brain and her tongue will collapse.  All of sudden she speaks without thinking.  Every fleeting thought is voiced without care.  Trust me, this is not a good time to be around her.

What I've learned about myself over time is that if I don’t care about someone….they can never get me mad.  I’ve also learned to fess up when I mess up!


Susan said...

This is called 'growing up'. Hopefully we all do it for the rest of our lives. Great post!

jP said...

This should be a perfect way to show your sorry after a moment of unguarded emotional expression. This only happens with the people we love most. They love us back in spite of and because of our comfort in being real with them.

jinxxxygirl said...

You know we all mess up,recognizing and owning our faults is a sure sign of maturity. I think you picked a lovely way to say 'I'm sorry'. Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Susan,JP and Deb- Thanks! I wonder is it harder to say you're sorry or admit it? Haha

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