May 12, 2012

Capturing Crabs….4


Well, the crabs were already captured…it was time to capture faces!

What an evolution!  I think I finally started to mold the face correctly by #6.  I nailed number six.  Looks just like my son…but he was 14 when he looked like this.  I had to continue erasing and applying.  Funny..after I fixed one problem, I’d step back and realize that I erased a “good” part of the sketch….you know the part that resembled him.  I guess I could blame my eraser girth.

Number 9-10:  After I was shown in class that erasers do work on colored pencils….I felt much more secure!  Haha!  I’m glad I was able to lower the eyes and shorten the nose.

My blonde son looks like a red-head here.  Oh well!

For my first colored pencil face, I’m ok with this.  Yes…didn’t replicate it exactly, but he looks like himself (more or less).  When the paper starts pilling up on me, that is a sure sign to be done with this already.  That’s how I know to stop!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!


jinxxxygirl said...

I like it!! I think it very much ressembles your son! Does HE like it??Great job girlfriend and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Eden said...

Thanks Deb!! Yeah, I think he likes it enough! Haha...Happy Mothers Day to you too :D

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. I'm totally in awe of your work! I can't draw, sketch or paint faces. I've tried & tried. I want to sketch my grandsons' faces but...
Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
Grandma Nancy Sapp

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I've been off the Internet for a couple of months due to provider problems, but one of the first blogs I checked out upon returning is yours. I love the way you share your learning process. Your current series is particulary good for me as no matter what medium I try I always come back to colored pencils. If you look around colored pencils now come in sets just of skin colors. I use Lyra skin tones which I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Also you asked for suggestions for watercolor pencil tips several posts back and since I am self taught from books I would like to recommend Gary Greene's book 'Painting with Water Soluble Colored Pencils'
Thanks again for sharing your talents

Eden said...

@Nancy...just keep trying....allow yourself to make mistakes...turn the paper upside down...and s.l.o.w. down....These are what I had to do...I pretty much expected to NOT erase and get the image down with not much problem...but I've since learned: 1- I like my eraser 2- use different gradients of graphite pencils 3- Baby steps!
4- It's all about progress not perfection!

Good luck...and Dont Give Up!!

@Johnina- Thanks so much for your nice comments! I will be going to find those skin tone colored pencils ASAP!! Thank you! Thank You!! I can use all the tips you care to share! Haha!

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