January 1, 2014

2013 Review…by Body.Mind.Spirit


Happy New Years!!  It’s time for me to review what I’ve done art-wise and to figure out what direction to continue with.  Similar to my…
The above drawing was done in 2009 when life started to get easier for me…..read more time for me to indulge in whatever….whenever!!


Since I’m drawn to the Body….pun intended, haha!….I thought I’d show you what I’ve drawn body-wise this year.

  • Hand Jeans- absolutely wanted to give up on this, what saved me was the piece had so many different elements….
    • when I was stuck on the jeans-  I did the arm
    • when the hand frustrated me- I worked the belt
    • when the design overwhelmed me- I did the buckle

  • The Fly- must’ve been missing my kid!! This one is a worker!  So….I had to work the water which was way more than I’ve done before.  Would’ve preferred no water!



  • This one was the Biggest-Surprise-of-All.  I liked it!  And it looks like I learned a thing or two about drawing with watercolor and colored pencils in the last year.






Sometimes I overthink….imagine that!!  When that happens it’s best for me to find something fun to do.  These are FUN to do!!



So many different illustrations styles, very fun to see the variety.  So many interpretations!  I liked doing these and they can be done rather quickly.





  • Mandelas- these are kind of like crossword puzzles in art. Did three last year and I want to do more!


  • en Plein Air- tried some on-the-spot painting.  I have no clue what I’m doing Smile

  • Blog  Banners- blogging keeps me mindful
  • January thru April
  • May thru August
  • September thru December


  • Purchased this Wacom Intuos digital drawing tablet this year- I have not taken the time to be comfortable with it.  I lean toward my older simpler tablet that lacks the extra functionality of this bigger model. I’m a bit intimidated!! 


  • Interviewed at jennibelliestudio- if you want to know what I think…..good luck…I don’t even know what I think sometimes Smile


  • Moo Cards- these take guts for me to give out!
  • Facebook Contest- this made me get out of my comfort zone.  Had to self-promote.
  • Glass Bottles- I am so uninspired to do finish this glass-photo-realism…but what I found was, I am very inspired to draw the picture-in-picture of my table with the glass bottle picture in progress…..Gotta find what talks to you!!
  • Warhol- in the Spirit of Andy Warhol.  I did my daughter and myself.  Have 2 more to do.  It is best to keep the face detail to a minimum.
  • Fruits of the Spirit Rocks- need this gentle reminder Smile
  • In the Spirit of Christmas- my Ugly Sweater caricature!  Love each and every one of these guys!  Family!!
Well, there you have it.  I want to Thank all of you for supporting me thru your comments, your questions, your likes, and your etsy purchases.  It’s nice to know someone is listening! 

Happy New Year 2014!!


Janet said...

I've been away from Blogland for quite some time now and today I managed to find time to visit blogs. I was happily scrolling through this post when...OMG!...there's my drawings! It really caught me by surprise. I love how you colored my designs. You've done some incredible art this year. Congratulations! And I'll be watching to see what you do this year. (No pressure!)

Eden said...

Happy New Year Janet!! Thanks for your kind words and I'd love to do another collaboration with you!!

Amanda Quaintance said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the inspiration.

Eden said...

Hi Amanda...and Thank You :)

iHanna said...

What a great review post, love that it is BURSTING with colour and creativity. You really do stretch and draw and rock!

Happy new year Eden!

Eden said...

Hi Hanna! And thank YOU....it was you that started me on documenting my creative year 3 years ago!! You are an inspiration :)

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