June 7, 2013

Horse Racing….Place…Still

I evened out the horse color with a larger brush and a darker brown.  Which now means I have to “replace” the shadow lines.

Being super frustrated with my inability to draw the horses body consistently, I had to concentrate on something else.  I will need to go in and make the eye area more pronounced.  Glad this part came easier.

I love working in my kitchen….It gets lots of sun….all…day…long.  Natural light is always the best!

This is pretty much the standard look when I work…..the hard part is grabbing the correct pencil.  I’m surrounded by dozens of watercolor pencils mixed with even more regular colored pencils.  And there is a purpose to each.  At this point, when I’m doing more of the detail work…guess which pencil I grab?  Yep, the regular colored pencil one.


Now for the game……Can you spot the differences between the two pictures?


Janet said...

This is looking great! At first I was worried because I thought that was a bowl of cereal on your work (!!) but then I realized it's your pencil shavings.

I like seeing where you work, and all the supplies you use.

Eden said...

Hi Janet...too funny about the cereal...yea, I'd be worried too :D

Carin said...

Over from jenniebellies. That's fantastic! You are much braver than me drawing horses (yikes! Just the thought of doing a horse makes me come out in a cold sweat). Looked at some of your recent posts and love that you've been colouring in some of Janet's pictures...what a lovely collaboration. You did a great job on them.

Eden said...

Thanks Carin, this collaboration has been a lot of fun!! Hope to do more :)

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