January 19, 2014

Alphabet by Watercolor

After a bit of research I thought it best if I get some decent watercolors and some decent w/c brushes.  I bought a bunch of transparent w/c from dick blick last week.  I’m under the impression that the more transparent they are the better they are…..Of course, I’m gonna have to figure all this stuff out by trial and error.

Since the tube color and the color in the palette can be very misleading.  I made a little grid so that I know what the colors will look like once applied.

I numbered each pallet circle to the number on the color grid.

Taped my watercolor paper to a board with painters tape.  And defined the edges of the letter with the tape as well.

Then it was experiment time.  I am purposely trying to create different water effects here.

Looks kind of like a patchwork quilt.

As is my habit….I outlined with black once done. 

I’ve been watercoloring on a flat surface….well, most people have a slight incline to their paper, so that the watercolors will blend with each other.  So, I’m trying out different easel inclines.

I got a little more daring with my watercolor application after the “A”.  The first one looks too washed out for my liking.  But at least I can see how they will dry.  The intensity of the color when wet to once dry is very different.  It dries much lighter than you’d think.  I’m also learning that a lot of the vibrancy has to do with layering. And it's the layering that is tricky.  


Dawn said...

Great stuff! If you are into art books, I'd reccomend "Making Color Sing," by Jeanne Dobie. I consider it my watercolor bible. But it also applies to color work in many mediums.

Eden said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for the book suggestion...off to check it out now!

diseño web cali said...

That is fantastic!!

Trece said...

Look at you and your bad self, striking out into new media! You go, girl!!

Eden said...

Hi Trece!! Haha...yea...wish me luck :)

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