January 16, 2014

Keep Walkin’…..Ballerina


This is where we left off at this Ballerina’s last post!  And…..I’ve got a lot to learn!


This paper is not playing nicely.  I’ve probably done everything wrong in the making here….for instance:
  • I like sharp pencils (apparently the board doesn’t…makes it flake later)
  • I put detail in too early with colored pencils then went over it in watercolor
  • I didn’t pre-wet any sections first….wet-on-wet watercolor makes for a more even application
  • Watercolor doesn’t like to be tinkered with….I’ve been a-tinkering


Almost trashed this piece last weekend…then I thought “what the heck….just work it…so what if it’s got problems, get to know your watercolors your way”.  It was experiment and push the limits time, and I was finally ready!


I got rid of that w/c pencil stippling with brush watercolor….I upped the vibrancy in the slippers with Opera Pink!  This is my favorite pink!  It will not be ignored.


Took m’lady outside in natural light, so that I could see just what that pigment was doing.  I’ve decided from here out it is best if I don’t refer to the picture so much anymore….it confuses me.

Watercolor is it’s own animal!


jinxxxygirl said...

At some point you just have to let your reference picture go and do you own thing. And your own thing is beautiful! Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Hi Deb!! You are such an encourager to me! Thank you! Yes, I agree I need to trust where the piece is going instead of duplicating!

Anonymous said...

Awesome is all I can say! Your work is so detailed & I love the vibrancy.
Grandma Nancy

Eden said...

Hi Nancy, I am having way too much trouble with this paper! Ugh...I hope I can finish THIS piece without having to duplicate on another. Thank YOU :)

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