September 10, 2013

Freehand Florals

When doing my bathroom upgrade last week, I ended up with 50 gallons of water in my basement.  No worries, it’s all dry now.  So, I’ve been in sort, toss and organize mode lately which has left me little time for drawing.

I did manage to work in my 8x5 moleskine while out and about.

I had a couple guidelines that I tried to follow:
  • Only Freehand Flowers
  • Outline heavy in Black at the round parts, making an exaggeration of the flower petals.
  • Outline again with primary flower color
  • Finished off each flower with another exaggerated Black outline flower petal.

I didn’t want to make the flowers too small, so I didn’t draw too many in the white space.  My plan was to add-on to the flowers that were already drawn in order to fill up the white space.

No real method to the colors here….just tried not to lump the same colors together.

Love the vibrancy of Markers!!  Who can agree?


jinxxxygirl said...

OMGoodness i can't help but agree with you on the POP of markers but do lose some ability to shade.... Love this! And so glad to see you post.
Hugs! deb

Rocky Cross Studio said...

Fab and as always love your work! So it's now all your fault I'm coloring in all my past doodles and am have a blast!!!

Elly van den Berg said...

Went trough your blog completly.... Saw everything... Just can't stop watching!!!
You do some awesome job!
I'm learning so much from you!! Thank you!
Gr Elly from Elly's Art

Eden said...

Hi Deb! If only they could shade :D
Hi Barb! Glad to see you're using color, I love your zentangles :D
Hi Elly! Thanks so much for your kind comments :D

Anonymous said...

LOVE it, LOVE it! Always enjoy your posts. Does hubby get ticked off that U spend time doodling? Mine does. He ALWAYS has work for me to do around here & wonders why I don't get it done. More power to U for taking the time.
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Eden said...

Hi Nancy!! I have to laugh at your first I was going to say "no, no he doesn't" but then I remembered not too long ago while finishing up the Horse Racing Sketch that I was notified that things are falling apart around here....Yikes!! Yes...I get a bit immersed! Haha

Janet said...

Wow! The colors really jumped right out at me. Now I want to sit down and draw a bunch of flowers. You're always so inspiring to me.

PS - it's getting closer and closer to B-day time!

Eden said...

Hi Twin!! Thanks for your nice comments!! Yes...Yes..less than 10days away!! Woo-Who!!

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