April 24, 2013



So…it all started with this picture. (It seems I can’t find the link to this source picture., sorry).  I think I have a thing for hands!  Heck, who wouldn’t, cuz ya know….”the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. Smile

But seriously….this was not the best picture to work from in printed form.  Had to do much improvisation, oh boy!

Art class pic from last week.  Didn’t work on it much last week.

Very disappointed in my nail art selection…I thought I could make those American flag nails pop….but with the stripes et al, it just wasn’t going to happen with my skill level and with this color background.

I’ve outlined with my fine tipped marker…which means “in my head”…I’m done and ready to move on….even though I can see the apparent flaws. With my critical nature I must take into consideration how much I enjoyed this and how much I learned.  If I were my teacher I’d give it an 85.  Not bad, not bad. (but I may just have to go in and fix that third fingers knuckle placement.)

P.S.  You may be interested to know that my art studio is now offering live figure nude drawing classes….Yikes!  Haha….not to worry won’t post any of those pictures here Open-mouthed smile


jinxxxygirl said...

YOU may not like the nail art but i LOVE it! I love the picture that shows your hand...helps to give me an idea just how LARGE this picture is!! Wow! Great job! Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Thanks Deb!! **smiling & hugs**

Janet said...

The nail art looks great to me, as does the entire picture. I would give you at least a 99.9!

Eden said...

Ahhh Janet.....I wish you were my teacher :)

What to draw said...

That's creative. Thanks for sharing the step by step too.

Eden said...

Thanks "What to Draw"...I think I need to see the step by step too!! Haha

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