October 4, 2012

And she’s done….Figure 2

I was quite happy that most of this hand was hiding!

Made way more folds than the actual picture….but I think it looks more interesting this way.

Realized….that if I’m ever to match clothing or skin…I have to sketch the pictures together…..(i.e. work on them at the same time).

Also realized, that when trying to draw complicated parts (like the hand)….it’s ok to hint at dimension, color and shading.  I don’t have to sketch in all the details.

Because the fingers aren’t showing, it allowed me to not “have to” match up the tendons and veins with the fingers….I was off the hook!

It was suggested that I use blue on the arms and such to bring in the shading/shadows.  But when I used blue, I hated it!!  It looked muddy to me.  After some erasing, I went back to my comfort colors….reds, pinks, fuchsia.

I’m liking this illustration board and the larger sizes. So far…so good Open-mouthed smile 


Stephanie said...

Wow! The way you captured her muscle definition is amazing! Well done!

Eden said...

Thanks Stephanie :D

lori vliegen said...

wow, eden! absolutely spectacular!
(and i agree.....bring on the comfort zone!)

Eden said...

Thanks Lori :D

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