January 17, 2013

Hand Jeans….four


This little spot was bugging me, nobody knew why it was white here.  It was a good time to see how the colored pencils would work over the existing watercolors.  I even tried out my marker for the black outline on the floral pattern.  This entire floral print has a black outline to it.  FUN…I cannot wait to finish this because I will get to do my favorite thing at the end!  Mindless outlining! 

This is where I was at the beginning of class the other night.  I have to admit I was glad I was there…I needed to know my watercolor limit….I had about reached it here.  It was time to bring in the colored pencils for the rest.

This is a good shot to show you just how big this is.  It’s pretty big!

Not done….not even close. Must continue on with:
  • the arm
  • the hand
  • the jeans
  • the belt loops
  • most of the top
At least I have a plan….always good to have a plan!! Haha


jinxxxygirl said...

It really is looking wonderful. I just finished a new sketch. Just finished outlinging all the pencil lines in Pitt pen....and i'm so glad i'm not the only one who gets giddy at the thought that its time to outline....I LOVE that moment when all the decisions have been made...no more erasing...rethinking..second guessing ...its ready to become permanent......then scan it in and have a copy of all its wonderfulness then THEN its time to play with color! I'll post a pic on blog later today if you want to take a peek...Hugs! deb

Eden said...

@Deb- sounds like you've got a good process too!!...off to see your picture

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