January 22, 2013

Hand Jeans….five

I could not wait to get into my new box of prismacolors!  They look so nice and neat this way….trust me….it won’t last!

Needed to balance out the jeans. I knew it needed to be dark so I went straight in with the orange (opposite of blue on the colorwheel).  On top of the orange I used blue.  This will darken the area….neutralize it.

I was getting frustrated with my attempts at darkening my shadows. It just wasn’t going anywhere.

Apparently….I forgot a step….I was in such a hurry to use those pretty pencils that I forgot to use my w/c pencils!!  It’s the watercolor pencils that really helped me darken the darks.  Where was my head?

Still much more to do….getting to be a rather long blog-post series! Sorry Open-mouthed smile


jinxxxygirl said...

I've never tried using the opposite color on the color wheel to darken an area.....kinka scary to use orange where you want it to be blue...i need to give that a try...lol maybe i need to buy a color wheel first... :)
I love it where i can see you've started outlining the flowers and such on the shirt.
Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Haha...what's scarier is using the black watercolor...cuz black muddies everything. That's why we're suppose to use color on color to neutralize. Each opposing color on the color wheel...neutralizes the other one. Does that make sense?

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