June 8, 2012


So, I’m sketching along….and omitting the shadows as best as I can.

I was liking the figure portion….but pretty disappointed in the face portion.


Then I received a tip….get some acetate paper and make a grid over the face.
I copied the grid over the face on a copier….then took the acetate with the grid and placed it over the problem areas. 

Boy, were my dimensions off.  Way too small.  This grid really helped.  I was surprised to see how much I had to expand on everything.  The nose, mouth, eyes, forehead.  All of it!

It’s better now….a little more in proportion.  Still needs much adjusting.  Glad I have a new trick up my sleeve!


JP said...

You are really catching on fast. I love watching you create. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm just wishing I could have attractive handwriting!

jinxxxygirl said...

Beautiful! What a great tip! Must remember that one. I have the biggest trouble getting both eyes the same. ...uuugghhh ... just thinking about it. Hugs! deb

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