August 20, 2011

I <3 Moleskines!


Yes, It’s true….love these little books!  So uniform, so predictable, many paper choices and that little black band secures the contents so well.  Perfect!  Excellent!  Wonderful!

This post is going to have lots-of-pictures, be forewarned.  I thought I’d show the scratch-pages, the drawings that I either gave up on, or tried something new with, the practice pages if you will.  Some are kind of funny, some boring, some sloppy.  But they’re practice pages and they worked for me at the time. 

*trying an alphabet stencil out.

*colored pencils at work here, I found I like the markers or the watercolor pencils much better.

*trying to see if those watercolor pencils can make a tye-dye look.

*this is my kind of VIBRANT

*just a quote I came across while trolling some blogs.

*practicing stencil writing and watercolors on same page. Markers used here too.

*Another quote I like.

*just a bunch of stencil play

*playing with color

*This was a fun one.

*Used those dip inks here.  The paint used for the flowers is iridescent, but hard to tell in this shot.

*I think my goal was to fill the entire page with color

*the word prompt was Endeavor and I didn’t like how this turned out, so I never posted it to the NaNoJouMo group.

*I’m working on a logo.  You may see more on this.

Are you still here?  My goodness, Thank You for sticking around so long.  Hope you found this entertaining to look thru my old moleskines and see the things I was testing out.   We all have to have our play pages!  Funny how I wouldn’t dare post the pics right when I drew them, but now that I have a little distance from them I don’t cringe so much. Hahaha


Darkskye said...

I'm glad you shared them. I think they're fun. :)

Serena said...

I'm so glad you showed these pages too, Eden. They are awesome...quite a few that I LOVE. Great pic of your Moleskines stacked on top each other. I have a few of those types too. I've noticed that a lot of artists don't like the landscape format and would prefer a portrait format but I like them as they are.

Chel said...

OHHHHHHH- so much here I love, love, LOVE!! Thank you for sharing these, they are awesome!!

gypsy said...

Eden, Thank you for sharing the inside of your moleskines. The overlapping circles with patterns are really intriguing, lots of potential with that concept. The tye-dye experiments are super funky, that would be cool inside your doodle letters! Love your doodles as always!

Sandy said...

I love your journals and your pages. I love to see journals stacked like this because I know there was a lot of work done inside each of them.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

loved your post- I'm so glad you posted so many of your pages- it gave such a nice glimpse into how you work
When I show my sketch book photos I scan them. That way I don't get any background, but I like your hand holding yours it gives it a personal touch (no pun intended)
check out this blog she shows her journals and sketches too
Johnina :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Please open up more heavy..? girl I was prepared to keep on scrolling straight through to tomorrow! seriously your colours are so much fun...and so inspiring to me. I was just on Serenas blog saying how it's been way too long since I've picked up my sketchbook and drawn something....toooooooooooooooooooo long!

But I think I'm starting to get the itch!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

rachel awes said...

i didn't want this post to end!
eden, i love every drip of ink.
& i adore your moleskins ~ i want
to run over & embrace them all,
like arms full of treasured apples!
precious, you are. xox

iHanna said...

Love the pile, it just draws me in. I need to take a photo of my moleskines too now I think. And the colours - yum! Especially like the circles 1 & 2 and the following doodle colour page. Beautiful!

JonaDoodles said...

I first want to say that i really enjoy looking at your artwork, especially these works, so much color, so expressive! If you would post all those drawings i would gladly watch and enjoy them all!

Eden said...

Jona, if you are seriously interested, I would be willing to show more of this stuff to you guys....I just find it kinda boring, since it has no direction. It's more trial and error pieces. Your comment makes me feel better about these pages and I THANK you :)

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