March 21, 2011

Dancing in Pointe shoes

                                               * Image from HERE

Made the image black and white because it’s easier to see where to shade that way.

en pointe9

Then I started on the shoes.  Lots of texture and folds in the slippers and the foot.

en pointe15

I love to see the progression of a picture….all lined up… neatly in a row.

 If I did not have a picture to work from I could not sketch….not at all.  Or if I did, it would lack a lot of detail.  They say if you can sketch from life, then you are bringing your perceptions of the subject onto the picture.  It would be stamped with a bit of their personality as witnessed by the artist.  All I know is…. there’s no way I’d even consider asking a ballerina to hold this stance for 4 days! LOL!!

en pointe17

I think I’ve done it again:  I made the left leg skinnier.  This is why figures are so much easier to draw.  Because I can get away with these imperfections.  Faces can’t handle too much change to remain intact enough to look like the person.  A millimeter here and there adds up to a lot on a face.

Ok….it’s time for some color and some doodling!


melydia said...

Another lovely drawing. What do you do with these when you're done? I bet you could sell prints of this one. (I don't know about copyright issues - is a drawing of a photo fair game?)

upstateLisa said...


Janet said...

Well done!! I'd also like to know what you do with your finished drawings. You must get such pleasure from going back and looking at them all.

Serena said...

Spectacular finish, Eden!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Fantastic work Eden and so gorgeous!! Love the progression all lined up in a row!!!!

Eden said...

Thanks guys!!

I have framed a few of these sketches, and some just stay in the sketchbook.

Sometimes when I go back and look at them, I can see things better, where I could've made a change. It is fun, but I have to put away the eraser :D :D

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Beautiful work Eden. I so wish I could draw like this. Thanks for showing us the stages of the drawing.

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