March 12, 2010

My Bird Friends


Billie Jean- The Tomboy Bird…..todays woman, no one is going to tell this bird she’s not included and she can’t do something because she’s a girl. No one! Cuz she’s smart and has lots of talent! You girls, know what I mean don’t ya?

I started drawing these little birds about 6 months ago. I love that I have complete control over the drawings. Only limited by my abilities. I find they really like to be drawn and then tell me something. Some words of wisdom, if you will! They each tend to have their own personality. I can just see people I’ve known in my life coming out through them.


Cleopatra- the Jeweled Bird….This one reminds me of a lot of teens today. Wearing all the glitter and never having earned a penny of their own. Possibly a little bored with their life as well!


Andre- the Sporting Bird….Kind of a cocky know-it-all bird. Can’t you just see he’s monitoring the game and setting the guidelines and the rules. But keeping things fair….things must be kept fair!


Suzie- the Baby Bird…..Ahhh, the happy go lucky baby bird. Just wants to be included and do what everyone else does. Listens so well too! Can’t you just hear her asking all those “why” questions?


Martha- the Dutiful Bird…….This bird cracks me up, can’t you just see that she’s doing everything she’s told to do and she can hardly smile because she’s too busy attending to everyone else’s needs.


Renee- the Eclectic Bird….this bird has opinions and isn’t afraid to express them. She’s not afraid to strut her stuff or go against the main stream. God love her!!

One of my favorite features on these birds is their little bony knees! You see, I’ve never had skinny legs, so it’s extra fun infusing them with characteristics I long for.

I think each one of these birds is really an aspect of me….who I was at certain periods in my life. Now….I’m just trying to be Renee!! LOL!!

How about you? Can you relate to any of these birds?


lori vliegen said...

your little birdies are SO cute!! and i love all of the stories that you've written to go with them! i think i'd really get a kick out of renee....anyone who's willing to strut her stuff and not worry about other people's opinions is someone i'd love to have lunch with! :)))

bubblemunch said...

Your birdles are fantastic - so much colour, character and attitude :-)
(Unfortunately I'm feeling a bit Martha-ish at the moment ... waiting for my Renee to come out and play again!!)

Shannon said...

I offered some doodling ideas in my Inside Out course and I think something like your birds would be a wonderful addition! I LOVE them. i think i relate most to your little green one with the backwards hat. i love wearing hats and something about wearing my hat backwards just adds a little swing in my step. and makes me feel a little tougher and i like that.

thanks for visiting my blog! let me know if i can answer any questions about "Inside Out" e-course. happiness to you!

Janet said...

OMG! Your birds are so cute! I can relate to the Billie Jean bird and also the Renee bird.

Elena said...

Love these! The colors and the 'attitude' are great.

Mary said...

I love these!!!
I don't know what it is about funky birdies that are so fun!!
I am Renee!! Except my legs are much more substantial!!!! :)
Nice way of saying "fat" lol

aimee said...

i can relate to all of them, especially today - i'd love to fly around in the air!

Lizbethem said...

Check out my silly birds. I've been drawing them for a while now and can't seem to stop! scroll down to Silly Creatures Album

Eden said...

I can tell you all are an artsy bunch, cuz we all seem to relate to the RENEE in each of us!!

And Lizbethem thanks for commenting I'm off to see your creatures album!

gypsy said...

I'm the Tomboy at the top, never a girlie girl. Love the cap! These are so colorful and fresh and fun. Enjoy!

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