July 1, 2013

Overview 1….for all you drawing Enthusiasts


I’ve been working in colored pencils for about 15 months now and I must say this has been a good experience.  I’ve heard that to get better you’ve got to produce a lot of work…..for instance painters are suppose to get to 100 paintings before they feel like they know what they are doing.  I agree with this theory.  And I’m still striving for my first one hundred.


Apr 2012….Colored Legs- first colored pencil drawing with a big time learning curve.


May 2012…. Crabs- It was this drawing that I realized that colored pencils can be erased (to some extent).


Jun 2012….Diver- I’ve since learned that I’ve got to apply more pencil layers.  This was too light.


Jun 2012….Beach Girls- I liked the composition here but am not happy with the realism.


Jul 2012….Backstroke- I like everything about this picture, even though I’m no good at drawing water.


Jul 2012….Towel- Nailed the towel, but did not nail the child.


Aug 2012….Candid- A definite challenge for me due to the perspective and the size of the picture.


Aug 2012….Pose- Faces are hard, but at least I can recognize this person.

How is your art coming along?  Have you reached your first hundred pieces?


jinxxxygirl said...

100? No way! LOL! Just guessing i'd say ..... a dozen.......so long way to go.....But its fun so who cares. :) Hugs! deb

Janet said...

Nope...I'm not even close! And since I've not done any art the entire month of June I'm really behind.

Eden said...

Hi Deb! Hi Janet! I'm such a little statician....just find numbers intesting and I so agree about just sitting back and doing it. And Janet....You on a hiatus! No!!

Pennyb said...

100 pictures - you must be joking! I love the way you draw portraits though....I have a thing about faces, just can't seem to get them right! SO I tend to stick to flowers lol!

Eden said...

Hi Penny! Yeah, that's a lot of pictures! Thanks for your nice comment :)

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