April 3, 2010

My Manifesto……

I got the idea to do a Manifesto from Here....This Massive list of Ideas for Blog Posts from Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online. I’ve never narrowed down the way I want to live my life into 10 key statements. I pretty much just winged it. The statements aren’t in any order of importance. I could’ve added 5 more statements, but decided against it since each one could’ve fallen into one of the original categories.

As my DH teased me about this Manifesto, he pointed out that Manifesto’s are usually in the form of a rebellion. I said “so”……So, I guess I’m rebelling from the way I used to think, or rather I’m directing my thoughts along lines that will better suit my life.

Here’s a definition from wikipedia.


Definition gotten from here.

Here they are…..my practical, simple, statements. I just need to be reminded of them. Walking the walk is not quite as easy as talking the talk. That’s why I need the visual reminder and the Kinetic-memory of writing them down.

1- Maintain Your Perspective: No matter how things “appear to be”. Whether you feel vulnerable or infallible…..do a post-check on your perspective. Remember the words King Solomon had engraved on his ring: This Too Shall Pass.

2- Exercise: and OFTEN!! Stick with your plan. If the best time for you to exercise is right after work- then do it!! Don’t let your car drive you home. You will be so glad you did!!

3- Eat Well and Take Your Vitamins: If you go to a celebration and eat more than usual or foods that aren’t so good for you…..just get back on track the following day. Don’t let any party become an excuse for unhealthy eating for days later.

4- Journal: It’s so easy to get out of the habit of documenting your day or your thoughts. I journal to work through my thoughts. And I always get answers. Many entries start with “Dear God”.

5- Pray: see Journal

6- Make Time: for the things or projects that are important to you. You get to decide. But you won’t get a pass if you decide to be a martyr.

7- Don’t Lower Your Standards: Just because you see someone else doing something not right, doesn’t mean you need to or should follow suit. Remember, after the moment passes and the hurried driver or the rude merchant/customer have gone their merry way. You are still stuck with the way you acted.

8- Take a Class: Even if no one will sign up with you. Go it alone and with a smile. You won’t be alone very long.

9- Keep Up With Family: and friends! Everyone is busy…..EVERYONE…..all these techie tools have made it so easy and fun to put a shout out to loved ones- text, email, snail mail, facebook, phone-calls, voicemail and personal visits.

10- Stand For Something: If you have strong feelings about something and someone asks about it….there’s always a pleasant way to express your Point-of-View especially if isn’t main-stream or p.c. Hey, who was the one that got to decide if something was p.c. or not?

Anyone else want to share some of their “manifesto” statements?


Janet said...

What a great manifesto! I love the way you wrote them out and used them as art. Many of those very same things would be on mine, too. I especially like 1, 7, and 10....and all the others, too!!!

chel said...

I love this- thank you for sharing!!

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

This is really inspiring! And thanks for linking to the list of blog post ideas- I'll definitely be heading back there!

JP said...

I love this too.

JP said...

Question about comments: I have come to realize that my comment does not get posted until the SECOND time I "Post Comment" and receive a "Word Verification" request. Why is it so much work to post a comment? For months I have posted comments but only "once" did I say post comment so you never got those. I'm in a meeting now, got to go.

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