October 24, 2009

Sun Series…..ColorSplash


First it started with this drawing…..Wait, No! It started with this picture I saved into my FAVORITES in Flickr. Then I found a background I like from Aimeslee. So, I taped up a moleskine page and watercolored the triangles. Then drew the birds and colored them in. I love how the bird in the middle seems to be talking to the one on the left….i digress……………………………….Then I WAS STUCK!! I couldn’t do anything with this drawing! I was SO missing something!


So, I moved on and forgot about the Bird Drawing and started a new page with my new favorite stencil, The Sun. I wanted to add a lot of color so I made a bunch of squares and colored them in. I know it doesn’t look like it but there is a method to my madness in coloring the squares. Each diagonal of squares follows a red series or blue, or green or yellow…….


But the squares were needing something! But what????? Then I remembered my birds. So, I brought my drawing into Photoshop and cropped the trio out. I then enlarged them and triplicated them (in case i had sloppy scissor-hands).


After I cut them out, I traced them onto my colored squares. Then I pulled out my new Dr.Ph Martin’s Pen-white ink.


Then I outlined the trio in .03 black prismacolor. And spruced up the Mr Sun-side! I didn’t know if I should put a face on the sun guy but he needed something. I think he looks a little proud…….as a sun should!!!


I seem to be hooked on the following in my journals;

  • checkerboard
  • diagonals
  • journaling in this loopy way
  • COLORS; red, green, blue, yellow
  • And that White Pen Ink from Dr.Ph Martin’s

Well, that’s all folks!!!



malin said...

Such colourful journal pages, lovely!

I´ve painted two Moleskine covers, the first I sanded first, on the second I forgot that... Then I covered the surface with gesso and let it dry, and then I just painted with acrylics, and glued on some drawings. Easy peasy! Suzi Blu also have a video on covers, and there are a few replies with more takes on covers: http://www.youtube.com/user/suziblutube#p/u/14/IG8h0Nbn2XM

Eden said...

Ah, thanks much Malin. Off to check out the youtube :)

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Eden! Love your name. I thought of naming my daughter Eden if I had one but alas I had a son instead. I came to you via Janet Briggs at the Lavendar Loft. I like the 1st drawing here. You said it needed something... my idea would be to put words in the colored squares. Love the birds on the wire. I have done some on a wire on a card and used it as a Let's Do Lunch card.

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