August 13, 2012



I am such a digital pack-rat! 


Being of the more visual sort, I get a real kick out of seeing art in it’s “Work-In-Progress” mode. 


Possibly because it hasn’t defined itself totally yet.  The piece can be taken in so many directions.


I especially love it when a drawing surprises me!


What is there not to like about the colors in the pics here?  Anytime I get to use the whole color spectrum, I’m happy!


Graphite pencils….Ya gotta start somewhere!  I must admit, I miss the erasability of graphite.


Desktops!  I’m not the neatest person, that’s for sure.  I also tend to spread out!  If I don’t see it, I forget I have it! Haha


Art journaling in a whimsical way.


Photo-realism…my latest passion!


More graphite work.


More messy desktops.

So, now you can see what I see as I try to bring something into creation.  I love it when I have lots of ideas….all lined up in a row…in my head.  But that’s not always the case.  Art evolves with the person.   Something I may have wanted to do one day doesn’t always carry the same weight the next day.  What I find important is the doing!  The trying to learn new things, to challenge myself with a new picture or new technique.  For instance today…I have no interest in painting.  But that may change. 

I think it’s best to not force yourself to like something you don’t.  This is also the beauty of not being in a super-structured environment.  I have the freedom to choose what to spend my time learning.  With that being said….I can see the flip side of that super-structured environment too!  We can gather information/inspiration from other sources in unexpected ways.  So really either way…it’s a win-win, if I keep the right attitude.

A penny for your thoughts too!  I’d love to hear your take.


Susan said...

These photos are fantastic. The color and how you use it knocked my socks off! Thanks for a wonderful post.

Emma Anthony said...

Magnificent post! Your art always makes me feel like I ran through a ray of happiness!

jinxxxygirl said...

How wonderful to see all your art in one place! I like to see WIP's too. I like to read what the person was thinking at the time too, what their decision making process was like.....Your bright colors have always pulled me in. While i admire your ability to sketch people (just amazing!), something i cannot do. I find i enjoy your doodling the most. Its amazing how something so simple can become so intricate.

I've often thought i might enjoy an art class of some sort or even a college art degree but then i always balk at the structured enviroment...i think it would take away my joy. i don't think i could draw on are such an inspiration Woman! Thank you so much! Hugs! deb

Stephanie said...

I love this post and being able to see your work in progress. I take a lot of photos too while I work. For some reason it helps me see what areas need work better through the camera lens than my own eyes with it in front of me. I take them with my phone but it's good enough for me to see where I need to add more depth, etc.

Eden said...

Thanks so much Susan, Emma, Deb and Stephanie!!

It's so fun to hear how everyone else approaches their art!!

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