August 26, 2012

Portrait Pose…eRasing

It’s nice to bring up the image on my monitor to work out some kinks.

The mouth went fairly smooth.

Spooky image here.

I may have to just scratch this sketch on this paper.  This is happening a lot.
The colored pencil layers start to flake up….then the paper starts to come up behind it.  Joy….

Well, I made some eyes…but they’re not her eyes. 

Erased both eyes before I went to class. I had had enough!  The instructor showed me a technique to save the piece and we tried it here.  He also gave me a huge time saving tip for proportions that I tried out on a different piece.

I’ve since abandoned the Arches paper that I raved about a few posts ago.  Apparently that is good for illustrators…print makers.  I need a thicker stock.

If I didn’t love this kid so much I would not be starting drawing #3 of the same image.

I only get so much of my instructor’s time,  so I went straight to the face!  My nemesis!!  Didn’t want to waste precious class time on the body and clothes which I can handle fairly well on my own.

I am applying a lighter layer…evenly throughout.  Then once I’ve got the image pretty consistent, I can go in and apply more shading…details….and the like.  I cannot Wait!!  This is getting fun!!  Since I’ve taken away the hassle of proportions! 


Stephanie said...

I use Stonehenge paper for colored pencils. I've never had a problem with the paper coming up like you've had. Good luck!

jinxxxygirl said...

Ha! Your gonna get all kinds of info here. lol. I use Strathmore 80lb paper and i've never had the paper come up like that. The Mushroom was done on this paper and i don't think i would want to use anything lighter. The sketch really is looking beautiful! Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Thanks Stephanie and Deb for ur suggestions! I'll keep those two papers in mind next time I restock :) so much to consider when drawing! Every bodies hand is just slightly different.

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