June 7, 2011

Backhand Sketch….part 3

I needed a sketch break, so I thought I’d do another post…..who said I had to limit sketch post series to 3 anyway?  Just one of my internal rules I’ve been following!  Boy, have I got a lot of little internal guidelines….don’t we all?  I guess it’s the only way I know how to function, haha.

I ended up bringing her neck in more on both sides.  And adjusting her right sleeve narrower.  Yep, I’m getting real good at erasing. 

What surprises me about this drawing, is how easy it is to shade in the folds on her top.  It just doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Of the items that I really wanted to exclude (you know, the necklace, earrings, and emblem), I attempted the easiest one first.  That’s all you have to do….just draw something easy….then move on to the stuff you avoid.  I think that builds confidence.  At least it’s a trick that’s working with me.

And guess what?  I moved that left shoulder in MORE.  I guess when I think of muscles, I think HUGE!


Jp said...

Wouldn't we enjoy the erase/delete capability in all of our decisions? You remind me of the time of manual typewriters and the project of error-free papers and resumes...a tiny mistake and you had to start over. We had some tools to cover up the typo but it never really went away. I love delete. Have fun drawing and remember to keep a fresh eraser at hand.

Rebecca Anthony said...

The shadows are amazing!

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