June 9, 2011

Another Backhand Sketch…part 4

Yes, I’m sketch-saturated so here I am….posting away.  This is much easier!  LOL!

Would you believe that when I initially drew the contour lines for her head, the line that represents the top of her hat is where I thought the bill of her hat would be…..really!

A picture is worth a thousand words, as is a picture of a picture.  After I drew this I brought her mouth up some, closer to her nose. 


I’m finding it challenging to match that determined expression on her mouth.  But I’m not ready to quit yet.

What I see I need to do is:
  1. Elongate the top of the hat
  2. Shorten the nose
  3. Tilt the head
  4. And if I’m feeling real motivated…..slenderize her torso.
Or I can just make do….and work on the other earring, and the necklace.  See what I mean about faces??


Rebecca Anthony said...

I really love to see your steps in sketching. You are SO good, I hope you know that!!

Eden said...

Thanks you for your kind words Rebecca....I'm glad you enjoy the sketches....I'm learning as I go that's for sure :D

melydia said...

I was away from Google Reader for about a week, so I got to see all these posts in order right away, and I have to say, it's really fascinating to watch the drawing emerge. I think it looks great, though I would add "her other earring" to your list of things to do. :)

Can't wait to see the next progress report - and the finished product!

Chel said...

You did a great job catching the concentration on her face and the "THWACK" moment (if that makes any sense?!) Also, the muscle definition is INCREDIBLE!

Dawn said...

this is awesome. i am still reading, even if i dont write much anymore.

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