February 21, 2015

Doodle Directory Giveaway


I am so excited to share this with you.  I haven’t worked on my doodle directory in a few years. Recently I finished another 60 doodle images that make the 6th set in my doodle directory series. I've done a few simple drawings in this set which I haven't included in previous sets.


I’ll show you a little behind the scenes drawing as these doodles came together.


If you’ve been following my Instagram account then you’ve probably seen these before.


But it’s fun to revisit them here.


I find that as I’m working on my bigger projects like my Ballerina and Diver and since I can’t (or won’t) lug these drawings to work or on vacation. That doodling in my small moleskine, keeps me sane and happy.  My hand still gets line practice and my head stays in the game with colors and shapes.  And as far as my drawing goes…..doodling has definitely helped…..hands down Smile


I am influenced by so many artists out there.  And half of them probably don’t even claim the label “Artist”.


I’ve seen a ton of wonderful doodle work on Instagram, by fellow doodlers, illustrators, painters, watercolorists, art journallers, and zentangle people. 


So much inspiration!!  Instagram has a whole community of artsy-doodley interactive and like minded folks.


Artists are a sensitive lot….but we have to get over that and show our work.  I’m not one for “closet artistry”.   It’s amazing the motivation and suggestions that people give from blog post feedback and instagram sharing. 


I’ve worked more in photoshop on this last set.  I wanted the colors more consistent.


Photo-editing is a must if you want to put these kind of things up for sale.

51_60 view2

Now, back to the GIVEAWAY!  Just a couple of things to qualify.
  • Please follow my Instagram account …. Eden921
  • You must comment on the Giveaway Post over there
  • Contest Closes Feb 28 midnight
  • I’ll post the winner on March 1 (on Instagram)
That’s it.  Pretty easy.  And just because I can….I’d like to offer a discount in my etsy shop for the full set as well.

That’s 60 4x6 prints with 6 doodle squares on each print.  An amazing 360 separate doodles.
Just use code DOODLEFUN for a 30% discount.

Prints come as above.  As 4x6 pictures.
Enjoy your doodling and Good Luck!!


Victoria Gwen said...

Hi Eden: It's a bummer that you don't ship to Canada!! Love your new directory .. you ARE The Colour Queen!
Gwen in Victoria, BC

Eden said...

Hi Gwen, and Thank you!! I just sold out of my doodle directory but I will make sure my next listing ships to Canada (if interested). Should have more in a couple weeks! You are so KIND :)

zorana said...


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