January 20, 2015

Yoga Girl….One


After Christmas…..I was itching to draw again….to draw figures.  I’ve been doing a lot of marker work lately.

I found this yogi on instagram (KrisenPro)…..and I got started.
My goal is:
  • To NOT pull out my colored pencils (until the very end)
  • To ONLY use watercolors and w/c pencils.  Yikes!

I knew I needed to do a background….since that’s the next level.  I thought a mandala would work nicely. But I had one problem, my compass could only draw a 9” circle max.  Ugh!!  After a youtube search, I rigged my own compass.

I just made a bunch of concentric circles of varying widths.


After I took the compass point padding away, I lost my center for the mandala.  So, I had to re-establish it with the green dot.

This has been very fun to do….I get to combine two of my favorite drawing styles…..photo-realistic Figures and Marker Doodling Smile

I started out coloring in the design with sharpies….but the ink in the sharpies looked dull.  I had to pull out my liquid India Ink and switch to Faber-Castell black markers since they have india ink in them.

Here is a reference for the size of the picture (22 x 30).  I’m kind of surprised I’m going big again, had initially wanted to only do half this size.

Detail work.

More detail work.

I had to complete the background first….now I can continue on with the figure.  That background has a huge influence on the colors used for the girl.


jinxxxygirl said...

Well i have to tell you this is just amazing!!!Love the combination of doodling and realistic.. :) Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Thank you Deb for your continued support and encouragement :)

Linda said...

Wow this is incredible.

Christine said...

Ditto the above! That background is simply amazing.

Eden said...

Thanks so much @Linda and @Christine I appreciate your kind comments :)

Victoria Gwen said...

You've done it again Eden!! What a delightful serving of eye-candy you've provided for us. So much inspiration .... so little time!

Gwen in Victoria, BC

Eden said...

Hi @gwen, you say the nicest things...Thank You :)

jinxxxygirl said...

HI Eden!

You've won the GiveAway at my blog!!! If you'll just get me your snail mail addy. Email me at
nuleaf at comcast dot net.

Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Thanks Deb :)

Amanda Q. said...

The black and white background is GREAT! Looking forward to the rest.

Eden said...

Thank you @Amanda, I like black and white too! But I also like lots of color so may try this with a colorful background next, we'll see :)

Trece said...

The mandala is spectacular! Breathtaking, when the size of the painting is revealed. Wow!

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