February 1, 2013

Hand Jeans….seven

So….I brought the drawing outside thinking I could spot where I need to focus.

Then, I was told…. “just work on it upside-down”.  Amazing how this view helps.  We don’t assume so much when working this way.

Time to work on the nails.  Not as hard as I thought it was going to be…..just kept things in the same skin tone.

There are wrinkles in the wrist…which I have not duplicated well here.  The thing so challenging about hands is…not only do we have to show the veins but the tendons too.

Since I’m mostly done….I outlined with my very fine marker.

I’m so ready to get this off my plate.  Yes…it was a challenge….Yes…I enjoyed it…but after looking at this for thirty days….I stopped seeing it’s uniqueness.  I also became very aware of what I couldn’t change…couldn’t replicate well.


Rocky Cross Studio said...

It's amazing and the colors are so vibrant. I think we get the best photo's of our work outside in natural light! By the way I really enjoy all of the work you post!

Eden said...

@Rocky- Thanks for taking the time to comment!! You're right about that outdoor light :D

Anonymous said...

I think its an amazing painting. It looks so real. I think you are a bit hard on yourself where this painting is concerned.

It's art.. not need to be a perfect photo of the real thing.

I'm very impressed that you would work on one thing for 30 days!!

Eden said...

@Hi Boo! What a nice comment, Thank YOU :D

Quiltin' Mama said...

Jumping here form Daisy Yellow . . . I love your Hands - I am a Certified Hand therapist and look at them everyday. all shapes and sizes etc... I can draw them fairly well in pencil or pen and ink but adding color gets all muddled up - like what really is flesh tone? - in real life everyone is so different and then the veins, tendons etc.. make the skin all colors- Great job- love it.

Eden said...

Thanks Quiltin' Mama...if anyone knows the complexitites of the hands I'm sure your it!! How wonderful to be able to help people in this way :D

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