November 19, 2012

Doodles on Display

Since I’ve been working on large…un-luggable projects, I was at a loss for what to do in my portable time slots.  Until, Tammy at Daisy yellow posted this.  I always fall in love with her doodles when she colors them in.

First I did the grid…then grabbed my stencils and rulers.  Just marked it all up.

Then I got to enjoy myself, in a "zoned out" kind of way.

Doodle grid work without extra enhancements.

Grabbed my sharpie poster paints because they work so well on top of the markers.

What fun!  Now I gotta go find another portable project.

Yikes!! Duty calls….maybe after I clean this mess.


jinxxxygirl said...

Loved the solid yellow bird and the leaves around it!

Scarlet said...

Fun and beautiful. LOVE the colors and positive mood you've created!

Janet said...

Now that is a very cool idea! And I like seeing your work looks like you're busy.

Eden said...

@Deb @Scarlett @Janet- Thanks so much for your kind comments!!

iHanna said...

Grids are fun, yours is so cool and fun. Did you come up with this idea?

Eden said...

Thanks Hanna....totally got this idea from Tammy at Daisy Yellow.

Dianne said...

your art work is the bright colors!

Alice said...

this is wonderful! i read daisy yellow, but somehow i missed this project - going get started tonight! i love how yours turned out :)

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