November 5, 2012

BONUS Interview….with iHanna

As much as I love to blog and frequent my own blog to see how my latest color-sketch dimensions are really playing out on a piece….I’ve become quite sick of me!!

To infuse this blog with some entertainment and creativity I’ve asked some artists from varying backgrounds to be interviewed throughout the month. I’m very excited about their work and their agreeing to be put on the spot here.

Today I’d like you to meet artist (creative instigator)…..Hanna Andersson from Sweden.  I found Hanna’s blog (ihanna) thru Tammy at Daisy Yellow a few years ago.  Hanna is the Queen of Productivity.  I don’t think there is a Craft or an Art that she has not tried.  She’s always pushing her technical capabilities as well.  She’s done video tutorials, digital newsletters, on-line classes and she’s a published writer.  She’s a whirlwind of inspiration. 

1. What words best describes your art/style?
Messy and colorful

2. What advice/quote do you respond best to?
I love quotes and often use them in the beginning of my blog posts to set the tone. My newest favorite is about feminism and by Caitlin Moran, posted here []. But when it comes to art (doodling, blogging and many other things in life) I'd like to quote Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth blog []:

"When you do something all the time, even if you move too slowly for others to notice, the constant motion produces surprising volume and achievement."


3. How has your work evolved?
My work is being birthed as we speak, and it will look different tomorrow from how it looks today. It evolves with me and for this I feel grateful, though I sometimes wish I had "a set style". It seems life would be easier with just one recognizable style, but right now I go with the flow and create on a whim. All that is the same is the joy from day to day.

4. What interests do you have other than "art"?
I take a horrendous amount of photos, make photo books and dabble in textile art, embroidery, knitting, yoga, writing, quilting and book binding. I am a avid reader of books, love to go thrift shopping and visit inspirational art exhibitions.


5. What is your favorite blog post or piece of art that you'd like to share?
I recently published How to Make and Price a handbound Journal [] and would love to get feedback on how others price their handmade things. But I couldn't pick just one favorite, so if people want to click around a bit visit the iHanna Blog Archive []. I read all comments and appreciate it a lot when older blog posts gets some TLC!

Just looking at Hanna's art and reading her words gives me inspiration!  She has a real gift for color combinations.  I always appreciate her honesty and sharing her personal journals with us.  That can be scary…not that hers are… but mine are!  Haha!!  If you have some time, I urge you to click over to her blog.  If all you do is look at her pictures, you will be motivated in no time! 

Thank you Hanna for sharing your work and your art with us today.  Please check out the links below which will lead you to more of Hanna’s work.

instagram: ihannas []


iHanna said...

Thanks Eden, what a beautiful intro you wrote - am I all that? Wow! :-)

Thanks for doing this, it was fun!

Eden said...

Loved doing your interview! I meant what I said :D

Daisy Yellow said...

Hanna is indeed an amazing creative soul. There is always something colorful, playful and fun going on at Hanna's blog and what a kind and generous artist too! Thank you Eden for this fun interview!

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