February 8, 2012

Sketching a Swimmer Still

I am always amazed at the perception I have of a picture when I go to draw it.   Or I should say the “lack there of” of my perception.  Had to bring the line in on the lower arm…….very….very….much.

She looks like a “he” here.  Not good!  Not only was the chin drawn too perpendicular to the water, the nose was all wrong too…..oh yeah….and the googles….and the ear.  Must I continue?

I think I have snatched a bit of the expression here, finally.  I have not captured all of the intensity in the face yet…but at least it’s better than it was.  Granted….I did like that first face in the previous post….but….it was someone else’s face.  Haha


Jp said...

Have you considered a beek and feathers?

jinxxxygirl said...

Are you sure thats not a guy in the photograph??? I don't see any bathing suit straps going down the back or over the shoulder???? Hugs! deb

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