January 11, 2010

Just a peek…..

Here’s a little peek of something I was working on this weekend! It’s almost done. I can’t wait to show you. I’m going to put it in my “studio” (a.k.a. my son’s room that I’m imposing on).

I thing I’ve realized something about Art/Artists. I am not really in that category, but I get so fired up when I can decorate with my “art”. When I can make a piece and display it somewhere where I can see it. Growing up and into early adulthood, I never made anything for myself. I’d always make things for others, give them away and not have something that I enjoyed to look at. I usually made things that I’d want for myself (who knows what the recipient wanted!!) Usually I’d have a reason for the gift, so it wasn’t like I didn’t give any thought to the gifts. Then if I made something for myself, it was small and simple. Kind of neutral, I didn’t want to make any bold statements in decorating or displaying. I mean what if it wasn’t appealing to my family? What if what I make falls apart? Or I outgrew the trend? But now that I’m indulging in this other side to my life, I find I want to make things for me, all the time. I want to show my personality in my creations. I also like the way things can be changed as you go, when I am responsible for the colors or the prints. I like that I have more options available to me if I just picked up some paint, or bought some cool fabric.

I think we “artsy” people need to surround ourselves with things that we love! Things that inspire our personal creativity. I think it’s like a pet and it needs to be fed. Visually fed that is! And it needs to be visually nurtured! Yes, it’s risky because it’ll cost some money in supplies or items that make us happy! It’s a little about opening up and expressing myself too! But when it clicks and things in the studio or in my surroundings take shape (even if it has a bit of wackiness), then it’s worth it! At least to me! And so far, DH (dear husband) hasn’t complained! Whew! Maybe that’s what I was afraid of!!

How about you? Do you display your art for yourself? What’s your experience with the people you live with?


Janet said...

I never used to even show things I made to anyone but now I do. And my husband always wants me to put my paintings on the mantel so he can look at them. He even hung a couple of my paintings on the wall last month! He's always avery supportive of me and my art. But like you, I seldom make something just for myself. I'm usually thinking of someone else when I create. Good for you for doing something just for you!!

Serena said...

I can't wait to see the finished piece.

I have my art all over the house, however, it's art I did for my students to use as their visual guide in their lessons. The subject matter was their choices so not really me. I like what I painted but it's not what I would have done for myself so I'm in the process of changing that. Hopefully, sometime this year I will get some replacement pieces painted up.

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