August 20, 2009

Social Networking......Do you facebook?

Do you facebook?

Where was facebook when I got out of school? If only I had a way
to stay connected with my friends that I grew up with in St.Louis.
A bit of a bummer to move away just before my Junior year in
High School.

I wasn't on the facebook bandwagon until last week. I thought...
"'ll just be another thing to take up my time, to
compare myself to (think # of friends), to scratch my head about
thinking of something clever to say. But, that has changed....

I'm a product of the "Class of 79". And I didn't attend my 30 yr
reunion this summer. I only spent 2 yrs at the High School I grad-
uated from. Plus, my moulding time was spent with the St.Louis crowd.
So, they celebrated their reunion without me, as it should be. I
didn't graduate from there. But still.....

Alas, we move on, get busy with our lives, make new friends and find
it harder and harder to keep up with the old. It's these old friends
that are a piece of me. They are part of the fabric of my memories
from grade school, Junior High, and High School. My first swim team
and softball teams. How to win and how to lose with grace. My first
teachers, the ones we made fun of because they repeated themselves all
the time or wore funny clothes. And the cool teachers that taught us
how to believe in ourselves,(Mr.Dunkman). Or the teachers that could
make us laugh. Even the teachers who got us interested in the world,

I joined facebook last week (scratch that, I've been on it for 3 years
because I thought when my kids got on it I should friend them. But, I never requested it).

I've scanned, uploaded and tagged people in about 40+ pictures, which I
posted on facebook. OMG!! What a huge response I got from the
St.Louis crowd. People were asking to friend me, I was requesting friends
from others that I've fallen out of touch with. What a Trip!!!!
A bit of Advice: Never part with your High School yearbooks, or earlier! I don't know where mine are, Ugh!!

I'm still looking for a few classmates from my graduating class, like Bridget. Hopefully when her kids start using Facebook she'll get on too, and then we can reconnect!

So, I gotta ask:
Do you Facebook? and... has it been a blessing or a burden?

Swim friends doing a little baking, age 10.

Below, the day I moved away from St.Louis.

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