August 7, 2015


File Aug 04, 7 24 38 AM
(Doesn’t look a thing like me)
I came upon Francesco Lo Iacono on instagram (pinterest) and was immediately drawn to his watercolor illustrations.

File Aug 04, 7 34 11 AM
(I think I got the eyebrows, mouth and head shape right)
So, I tried to see what it’s like to watercolor people in a short time.

File Aug 04, 7 33 53 AM
(Only from the neck down did it replicate reality well)
Since, the people in my life have way more to do than pose for 30 minutes in front of me….

File Aug 03, 8 09 22 PM
(I liked a lot about this….and felt it resembled me pretty well)
I went to the next best thing……The mirror selfie.  She doesn’t’ roll her eyes at my incessant commands to sit still.

File Aug 03, 8 09 51 PM
(Doesn’t look anything like me….but very fun to write in reverse)
But I can only draw her straight-on or quartering.

File Aug 03, 8 10 13 PM
(Possibly the eyes should’ve been more wide set)
I like the way the clothes look in watercolor.

File Aug 03, 8 10 31 PM
(Tried the less is more technique)
Perspective is so important in these sketches.

File Aug 06, 10 31 26 AM
(This cracks me up cuz it looks like one of those Big Head caricatures)
I didn’t look in the mirror for this one, cuz I was tired of sitting on a stool in the bathroom.  So I looked on my monitor at a pic from a few years ago.


It’s funny that I drew each one of these from the same subject.  And each one of them carried something that was correct in the subject.  But the challenge is and will continue to be….to get those right pieces into one painting.


Janet said...

I love that you keep doing these self-portraits. And I agree with you that in each one you get one part of you that's just right. Now you must get them all together in one beautiful painting.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

I just wanted to say what an amazing job that I think you do! I get your posts via email and seldom comment but I sure enjoy seeing what you're working on and just wanted to take a minute to say, keep up the good work 'cuz I think you're amazing! : )

Have a nice day!


Sharon Chapman said...

Fantastic work of a pretty subject.

Molly Hoisington said...

Very interesting! I came upon ur site via Pinterest i am not familiar with you, but i gotta say....ur portraits are pretty cool. You have the eyes down GF! Your eyes have a certain "slant" to them and you did an amazing job on most of the portraits of capturing ur eyes. I couldnt even take a stab at self portriats....i am very impresseed....well done....xoxo from Oregon

Eden said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments... I'm really trying to be more spontaneous here and get comfortable with painting in watercolor. I have a long way to go cuz I'm still not using the beautiful loose water flow that is inherent in watercolor. Just gotta keep going and hopefully I'll find my style 😀😀😀 @Janet @Debi @ Sharon @Molly

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