March 3, 2014

Floral Fauna


I wanted to do another marker design similar to my mandelas but with flowers.


The ideal portable project using my 8x11 watercolor moleskine.


I got the design down first, using rulers, stencils and freehand lines.


Fine point sharpies, faber-castell markers and bic markers are my favorites and used throughout.


I try to use all the colors.

Flowers get to be any color they want in these drawings!


I ended up finishing up the background in a parallel line pattern.  Lots of other options I would like to try: watercolor, gray/black patterned background.  But this worked at the time.


jinxxxygirl said...

I'am always in love with your marker doodles......haven't used mine in so long they've probably dried up... I find i do like outlining in marker and then coloring in with colored pencil.... Hugs! deb

DianeH said...

Love the flower doodles. The bright colors are my favorite. What sort of paper do you use when you are coloring with markers? I have tried the in several of my sketchbooks but the always bleed through badly. I would like to find some paper that won't bleed.

Eden said...

Hi Deb, too bad we can't just wet our markers when they are dry! Haha.

Hi Diane, I ALWAYS use watercolor paper when working with my markers, it's way thicker and doesn't bleed thru. The higher the lb. on the paper the better. Good Luck and Thanks :)

Janet said...

I hope you never stop making these 'cause I love them. You are the best at using lots of colors and designs.

Victoria Gwen said...

What a joy to wake up to another of your colourful and beautiful artistries Eden. I think now I can face this rainy day! (Gwen in Victoria, BC)

Eden said...

Hi Janet, you too with color selection girl!
Hi Diane, ahhh those pacific northwest winters, can't be much worse than our Midwest one this year! When will Spring ever sprung?

diseƱo web en cali said...

Love it!

Bevie said...

I've been creating zentangles using some universal patterns but many of my own....what you do it so much better, and Magnificent..can't wait to try my hand at these...blessings.

Eden said...

Hi Bevie and thank you for your comment! Just keep doodling' you'll probably find working the zentangles in color a lot of fun! Bless you Two :)

Laura Bieniek said...

I discovered recently there were names for the doodling I've been doing for years (zentangles/mandalas). I also just discovered your blog, and I think I just finished reading the whole thing! Thanks for sharing. Love your use of color. I'm excited to try Faber-Castell Pitt markers now. So glad I stopped by!

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