February 4, 2014

My Creative Book Stash


They say….you can learn a lot about a person just by looking at the books she likes to read.  And that’s probably very true for me.


I’d have to put magazines in that book category too!  Any time I travel, I add to my magazine stash.  These are not cheap, but they are worth every penny in the inspiration and visual delight category.
  • Where Woman Create
  • Art Journaling & Artful Blogging (Stampington)
  • Cloth Paper Scissors

Then there are the more esoteric reads:
  • Artist’s Way
  • the War of Art
  • Art and Fear
And since I love textile design….I picked up a few to help me understand this field better:
  • Print and Pattern 1 & 2
  • A Field Guide to Fabric Design

And to help me figure out the body better:
  • Face Parts
  • The Big Book of the Human Anatomy
  • Lifelike Drawing
  • Creative Fashion Drawing
  • How to Draw People
  • Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

Since watercolor frustrates me so, I thought I might gain some insight from these books:
  • Watercolor Secrets
  • The Watercolor Bible
  • Watercolor Wisdom
  • Atmospheric Watercolours

Then there are my magazine subscriptions and various zines!  So many people in the spotlight!! So much talent!


Funny that there are so many books titled “Secrets to….”.  The real secret is applying…..put pen/pencil/brush to paper and play!  But when you aren’t in a class with an instructor hovering over you, reading helps tons!  It just takes a bit more time.

I’m probably a half-ass reader.  I don’t read every word written about every technique covered.  But I do look at all the pictures.  And when I’m stuck or blocked or frustrated….picking up one of these books gets me back on course. 

Where there’s a will there’s a way!  Amen Smile


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing some of your art books. I love books of any kind and most especially art books. I have many of the same books and enjoy many of the same magazines. I can usually find inspiration in a book or magazine.

Sharon Chapman said...

I thought you had gone into my studio and photographed my books and magazines. Ha. I treasure all of mine and am always finding new things in them all the time. Great post!

Eden said...

Hi Janet! Hi Sharon! My theory is a girl can never have too many books and life is never boring if you have books! It's a dangerous thing for me to be in a bookstore with a credit card! And I see you two concur :)

DianeH said...

I have several of the same books -plus many more. Like you, I look at every photo but only read what catches my eye, or the specific information I am looking for.
I am curious, what "zines" do you read or subscribe to? I follow lots of blogs but haven't found any online zines to check out.

Eden said...

Hi Diane, the zines I've gotten are not online. I've gotten Teesha Moore and Andrea Joseph. I haven't read any online zines but I think Tammy at Daisy Yellow puts one out. I probably should look into this cuz I enjoy reading magazines/books on my ipad. Good Luck! I'd love to hear what you find :)

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