November 11, 2013


I stopped in at the local art store because I wanted to try some gouache paint. (Similar to watercolor except it’s opaque).  It was suggested that I try this new product, so I bought it.  It’s acrylic so it dries with a satin finish…..and with these 4 colors I get to mix and make any color I want…..well….almost!


I seem to be my most willing subject when inspiration strikes…so off I went to get my main man to get a decent shot.  Then I posterized it.


Then I transferred the image onto 12” x 12” watercolor paper.


Mixed up a red acrylic with the Splash paints and put the yellow on straight.

Then brought in pink and orange.  I exaggerated some of the features with some add-on shapes.  (This looks like I’m applying make-up for Halloween)

Had a lot of fun in this area, changing the shapes and colors for the hair strands.


Used watercolor for a few of the colors here:  Blue, Orange, Pink and the green background…..I did NOT trust my ability to mix the acrylics properly.


When it was dry, I went in with my handy-dandy black XS Faber Castel marker to enhance.

Ta-da…now I have a new selfie…profile pic.  Yikes….and looking at this again, it looks like I have no nose!  I could rename this Voldemort-style!!


Barbara Sartain said...

How cool and thanks for the mini art lesson!! Gonna try this myself!!

Eden said...

It's a fun little artsy drawing....and you really don't need to use a lot of different colors! Good luck :)

Marilyn Parigian said...

Love it !!! Please comment on posterizing...may have missed this technique as I am a new follower.
Thanks much,

Eden said...

Hi Marilyn....It's a photoshop technique, but my android phone has it too, and possibly gimp! Try a google search. Good Luck :)

missie said...

How did you posterize your pic?

Love the idea!

missie said...

got it...
thanks for the inspiration.

Eden said...

Hi missie, I'm glad you found what you were looking for! Possibly a posteriize post is in my future :)

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