December 14, 2008

Word for the Year

I am lousy at keeping New Years Resolutions! First of all, I can never think of the "perfect" resolution! I ping-pong and yo-yo between any and all of the ones below:
1) Lose weight 2) Exercise more 3) Make my bed every morning 4) Cook more or try new recipes 5) Cut and use coupons

You get my drift. I'm obviously pretty vague about 1 & 2 ; I should say lose 10 pounds by Easter, or Exercise for 30 min. a day. #3 is a super hard one for me because 3-4 mornings a week I am out of the house before DH is even out of bed. AND, #4 is well, it just will be something that I've resolved myself to not enjoying. Granted, I love to EAT and get SERVED but the actual task for me reminds me of work (performing multi-step testing to get an accurate result). I also think I'm a rather boring eater. I could eat the same thing for days and not grow tired of it. Now #5 I did do for over a year. I used my PALM to write down all the money I saved with my coupons and those BOGO (buy-one-get-one) Free promos and I learned a ton about when to buy what, how to stockpile and what is a good price for Meat or Laundry detergent.

Last year I came upon a few sites ( Ali Edwards and Christine Kane )that talked about choosing a WORD for the year instead of the New Years Resolutions which I break or forget I even made.

So, I've made up my mind! I have my Word! I think it'll work in lots and lots of
ways as I create my life. Really you must go check out Christine's blog, she starts December with a whole list of words to get your creative juices flowing. Then each day this month she has a guest blogger talk about the word they chose for 2008! I find it so Fascinating, really!! See for yourself HERE

So, without further adu, My Word for 2009:

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