July 12, 2013

Glass Bottles in Watercolor

Since I’ve never drawn an inanimate object…..or even a still life.  I thought it was about time.

I picked up these 5 glass bottles at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  Clicked a pic of them on a cool January day in 2011….this is probably my favorite people-less picture.

I’m starting to get the hang of watercolor.  I did the wash first then I went in with the w/c pencils.  So much flexibility in these pencils….still learning it’s limits.

The nice thing about inanimate objects is the lack of perfection….I don’t have to be so exact!

I must’ve been avoiding something…..cuz I started to play Smile

Don’t worry that red bottle is not done…that interior line wobble is bugging me too.

July 9, 2013

Swirly Alphabet 2

Still working on this Swirly Alphabet.  You can find A thru H here.

I like that these are so small, I get that feeling of accomplishment earlier!  Haha

It’ll be nice to have more letters to design with.  Such a quick project!

I am lovin’ those little swirls coming off of the letters, especially the beaded ones on the lower case “L”…

I may have to go back and add some swirl strands.

Sixteen down….ten to go. 

Anyone else designing their own alphabet?

July 5, 2013

Horse Racing….Win

This has become for me the “Horse From Hell”!  Oops, can I say that on National TV  the web?  I only started this back in May.

The hand had to stay subtle.  I had to hold back from adding lots of detail.

I only water-colored and color pencil’d the horse’s body about 5 times.  Finally applied really dark brown watercolor by brush to really darken the area.  I think I was afraid of going too dark.

The picture has more shadows coming off of the body reflected on the green sash, but I just wasn’t seeing those too well, so I didn’t deepen the shadows.

I think I get why painting is so popular.  The beauty of watercolor painting is this, as I touch up all these little areas with so many different browns, I can keep holding onto the same brush, I don’t have to stop and grab a different colored pencil.  What a time saver.


Inspiration picture taken by me last year at Churchill Downs.

This turned out o.k. Smile I think it’s even frame worthy.  Now that’ll cost a buck or two!

My daughter thinks it needs a background…but I say I’m trying to imitate Norman Rockwell!!  Haha

July 4, 2013

Overview 2….for all you drawing Enthusiasts


Nine more drawings to get me to that 100 mark.  HahaSmile


Sep 2012….Figure 1- I liked this drawing, especially the pocket.


Oct 2012….Figure 2- I liked the hand in this one.  A bit of a surprise.


Oct 2012….Figure 3- the wrinkles in the top were fun to do.


Nov 2012….Toddler One- I liked the vibrancy here


Nov 2012….Toddler Two- I liked the puffy sleeves.


Dec 2012….Fly- Would’ve preferred to end this without drawing water.


Jan 2013….Hand Jeans- this was such a cool one to do, because when I got overwhelmed in one section I was able to go to another section.  Each section was so different from the others (arm, hand, jeans, belt, top), may need to keep that in mind.


Mar 2013….Blonde Beauty- I was able to get my color fix here.


July 2013….Manicure- in honor of Independence Day, wish I had those patriotic nails.

Happy 4th of July Smile

July 1, 2013

Overview 1….for all you drawing Enthusiasts


I’ve been working in colored pencils for about 15 months now and I must say this has been a good experience.  I’ve heard that to get better you’ve got to produce a lot of work…..for instance painters are suppose to get to 100 paintings before they feel like they know what they are doing.  I agree with this theory.  And I’m still striving for my first one hundred.


Apr 2012….Colored Legs- first colored pencil drawing with a big time learning curve.


May 2012…. Crabs- It was this drawing that I realized that colored pencils can be erased (to some extent).


Jun 2012….Diver- I’ve since learned that I’ve got to apply more pencil layers.  This was too light.


Jun 2012….Beach Girls- I liked the composition here but am not happy with the realism.


Jul 2012….Backstroke- I like everything about this picture, even though I’m no good at drawing water.


Jul 2012….Towel- Nailed the towel, but did not nail the child.


Aug 2012….Candid- A definite challenge for me due to the perspective and the size of the picture.


Aug 2012….Pose- Faces are hard, but at least I can recognize this person.

How is your art coming along?  Have you reached your first hundred pieces?
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