May 27, 2013

Horse Racing….Place2

Worked the shading in more….just trying to show pant creases in a somewhat realistic fashion.

Since I’ve never paid much attention to the jockeys goggles, I just tried to make sense of all those black straps.

Gave the guy an ear, too.

Worked the knotted strap…which I have no idea what it’s used for.

This horse is a BEAST, so I stepped away from painting that portion.  His body is quite large and I’m trying to color it consistently……but I’m getting frustrated with the streakiness of this medium.

May 21, 2013

Horse Racing….Place

Started in on the pant folds….I always forget how to draw them until I stumble around a bit.

I’ll need to go in and darken the pants/folds on the bottom part of the leg to make it more realistic.

I had to bring in shadows/ contour so I blended a little red and blue into my light brown paint.  The cool thing about painting is blending!!  I didn’t need to buy a new tube of darker brown….I could just blend and make do.

The nice thing about watercolor is that some of the pigment can be removed.  The helmet was too soft looking and when the pigment was evened out it looked much better.

May 20, 2013

Pixie Princess……collaboration with Janet

My bloggie-bud Janet (at JKBees) draws the prettiest girls.

She knows how much I wanted to color them in… so….she emailed me three pixie girls to colorize!! 

I printed them out on watercolor paper.  I’ve never done this before and wasn’t sure how my printer would apply the ink.  But as you can see there were no worries in the printing department.

Since I’m working on such a big piece (Horse Racing drawing at 30’ x 40’), it’s so refreshing to work on a portable project.

Ran into a small problem though…..I water-colored the face, but apparently my ink jet printer isn’t using waterproof ink…!!

May 19, 2013

Caricature Drawings….New Etsy Shop Listing

Crazy Caricature

I love to take group photos!! But what I like even more is to change them up a bit….colorize and whimsize them!  It’s just fun!

Wacky Caricature

I’ve included a new listing in my Etsy Shop:

I can personalize them in just about any way you want….colors, gestures, hats, glasses, pattern…..done in markers, watercolors, black & white or any combination there of.

Freaky Caricature

All I need is the jpeg file and I can draw a 8 x 11 Caricature piece on good watercolor paper.  I will include a digital jpeg along with the original drawing upon completion.

Sunglass Caricature

For my Bloggie-friends (that’s you), I am offering a discount….use DRAW5 at checkout to get $5 off the personalized piece.  Regular cost $27 (plus s/h)….your price $22.


Remember how you dress for Halloween!

Theatrical Caricature

I’ve got 6 varieties posted in the shop: 
  1. Crazy
  2. Wacky
  3. Freaky
  4. Sunglass
  5. Incognito
  6. Theatrical
Wouldn't this be a fun way to celebrate Family or an Event?
Just don’t forgot to enter DRAW5 coupon code at checkout.

May 14, 2013

Horse Race….Show2

It’s always best for me to draw whatever is in the same color family together.  After I finished the green Horse Saddle liner, I moved up to the green arm band.  All in colored pencil.

Not quite done with the arm band…but was ready to tackle that top.  I just wasn’t feelin’ it for colored pencils for the top….but what I was feelin’ was watercolor pencils.  I love the vibrancy of my pink watercolor out of the tube.  Got a little carried away with applying it to the arm folds. Then backed off for the shoulder and back sketching.

I’m going to have to go in and extract a lot of that color on the right side of the goggle straps because I’ve made it appear that the helmet is soft, which it isn’t.


I picked up a new trick in class…’s to apply that watercolor vibrant pink in little dabs.  I like it that way.  Next I’ll be dabbing in vibrant blue.

I cannot wait to get started on the jockey’s white pants…..For some reason, drawing white clothes is fun….who knew? 

May 10, 2013

Horse Race….Show

Being inundated with Horse Racing activities these past couple of weeks it seemed perfectly natural to sketch a horse next.

Got my outline down…..then grabbed my watercolor paint mess to put a light color base down.

…..Yea, Yea….I know I said I don’t draw animals…but since their hair is so short, it’s almost like sketching skin.  Plus….I get to draw one of those colorful jockeys too Open-mouthed smile


I learned something new this year.  Every horse in a given position always wears the same color… #1… #5……..etc.  As you can tell, I am out of my element.

Just playing with those folds…..

The neat thing about sketching from a picture….is the ability change colors.  I’ll be making this horse a light brown instead of dark brown…Go Baby Go!

May 3, 2013

Thank You


I just wanted to Thank everyone that took the time to Vote for my drawing in the recent Dessiner Drawing Facebook contest!

*Check out that profile pic!! Haha
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