March 30, 2011

Diptych Day….Feet


Feet was our word this week.  Lots of options for feet.  We could go with our actual feet or feet as a form of measurement.  My initial idea was to take a picture while in a crowd….just aim my camera down and click a pic of all the feet around me.  But since I wasn’t in any real crowds, I had to scratch that idea.  I then thought of how I could multiply my feet and remembered the ‘ole mirrored tunnels that I used to concoct in dressing rooms when I was a kid.  Back then a lot of the mirrors were on a tri-fold and the side mirrors could move.  So, this is my version of the mirrored tunnel.   I now know why photographers use “models” and “assistants”, because being the model, the assistant and the photographer has it’s limits…..let me tell you!  The best I could come up with is four pairs of feet and eight sets of knees.

Chel @ Wild and Precious life took the adorable picture on top.  Aren’t those some cute shoes?

March 24, 2011

Diptych Day….Family


When I heard the word for this week’s Diptych was Family I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed.  I immediately thought of “family pictures” but since this blog isn’t that kind of blog I didn’t want to bore you with a family picture, plus….we are all rarely together.  Then I saw a car drive by me on the interstate…..and I knew then and there what I was going to use for my picture representation.  Yep, these adorable little stick-drawn-people-decals.  They are so cute….really!!  Not only is this one busy family driving along in their van but they’ve got at least two dogs too!  But what really cracked me up is…….if you look closely to the right after the dog with the frisbee, you’ll see another dog drawn in the windshield dust!!  Too funny!!!  Does this not just tell it all ???  I bet that family couldn’t care less how dusty that car is…..they’ve got too many places to go and people to see!!  Love it!!

The cute little note on top is from Chel @ Wild and Precious Life.  We’ve got to stop by there to hear her story.

March 21, 2011

Dancing in Pointe shoes

                                               * Image from HERE

Made the image black and white because it’s easier to see where to shade that way.

en pointe9

Then I started on the shoes.  Lots of texture and folds in the slippers and the foot.

en pointe15

I love to see the progression of a picture….all lined up… neatly in a row.

 If I did not have a picture to work from I could not sketch….not at all.  Or if I did, it would lack a lot of detail.  They say if you can sketch from life, then you are bringing your perceptions of the subject onto the picture.  It would be stamped with a bit of their personality as witnessed by the artist.  All I know is…. there’s no way I’d even consider asking a ballerina to hold this stance for 4 days! LOL!!

en pointe17

I think I’ve done it again:  I made the left leg skinnier.  This is why figures are so much easier to draw.  Because I can get away with these imperfections.  Faces can’t handle too much change to remain intact enough to look like the person.  A millimeter here and there adds up to a lot on a face.

Ok….it’s time for some color and some doodling!

March 18, 2011

A sketch…. En pointe

The blank page…..we all have ‘em and we all have to deal with ‘em.  But I think of it more as a “clean slate”, a chance to try again, to mend my ways, to re-do, to learn from my mistakes.  It's also like a free pass, a bonus, benny, a do-over, those kinds of things.

Since I can always use some sketch practice, I went off to find something interesting to sketch.  I stumbled upon this ballet picture on line.  Simple enough, 2 legs, a couple knees and two toe shoes. 

But the real challenge is making them look real, bringing this two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional image.  I’m trying to see the shading in blocks or sections and work from there.

Back in my “flash dance” days, I had a huge crush on Mikhail Baryshnikov.  Wow!!  This guy could DANCE!  I appreciate the grace in which he performed, but I’m not a huge fan of men in tights.  If I were, I’d be drawing that instead!  LOL!

I’m growing quite attached to these little Stumps (or Tortillions).  If you sketch at all, I highly recommend them, you will not believe how much control these give you as you shade in your areas.

I would’ve preferred to have this all completed by now and not do a two part post…but I think these pointe shoes are gonna take me a week to complete!!  But then again, maybe not.  I’ll need to revisit my Tutu post to remember the tricks I used there.

March 17, 2011

Diptych Day….Green


Happy St. Paddy’s Day to ya!!  And to think our photography word was Green this week. 
Ahh….good ‘ole synchronicity.

I really hadn’t a clue what I was going to photograph that represented Green.  I would’ve liked to have photographed some GREEN GRASS, but the grass is still pretty splotchy brown in spots around here.  And yes, quite ugly still!  Recently my daughter needed some beanie babies for a school project.  So off she went to find them....they had been condemned to the basement.  She dragged all three bags up 2 flights of stairs just to find the beanies she needed.  10 days later the bags were still sitting in the upstairs hallway.  So before putting them back in their dungeon, I thought I’d look through the bags for a green beanie or two.  As you can see I got lucky, I scored 7!  What a craze this was!  Early on, I used to snip those little red ty hearts off of the beanies…until I was scolded for such behavior.  Because after all these are going to be worth some real money some day!  Really!!  R…i….g….h…t……!   I believe I did make a promise that I wouldn’t give them away……but still if everyone’s saving them, then who’s buying them?

Chel @ Wild & Precious Life took the pretty floral picture above.  Now she wouldn’t have any trouble spotting green grass where she lives!

March 11, 2011

It’s show time….

It’s show time…..for a bird that is.   I really like to outline my bird pages first, prior to coloring them in.  However, I didn’t do the hair because I didn’t want it all black.  I also, didn’t outline the spotlight- light in the background because that would’ve made the light an entity and the light isn’t an object, it’s more of an observation.


Picture from my phone and it’s a bit blurry, sorry.  If I were to color this gal in again, I would have put her in a Flashy Red Dress, and doodled the heck out of it inside…..(why do i forget that I can embellish the material?)  Ugh…next time!


This little bird is really quite flexible….can you imagine having your feet go in one direction then twist your torso around to hold and play a guitar?  Wow, very impressive!

Patsy- the Performing Bird…..She’s always been the confident sort of kid growing up.  She had all kinds of friends, who were just drawn to her.  One day, out of the blue she told her parents she wanted a guitar.  For months she quietly taught herself how to play and to sing.  She even organized a band with her more musical friends.  She doesn’t even get nervous when she plays in front of people, she just enjoys it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….I think our talents find us!  As long as we have an open mind, a willingness to try new things (even when we’re scared) it’s best to follow the bend of our preferences.  I guess I’m lucky, because I was allowed to explore lots of different things growing up….the only expectations were to “do my best”.  But kids don’t always have access to the extra-curricular classes they may have wanted to pursue when younger.  Sometimes what we enjoy later in life is something that we didn’t have time for earlier in life.  Or we weren’t in the right mind-set.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go out learn what you’ve been dying to try for years or decades.  We get to explore whatever we want now.

Thank God we are not all on stage (or American Idol) as we learn new things!  

March 9, 2011

Diptych Day….Morning


Our word this week was MORNING.  I had a few ideas, you know  like sunrises, or long shadows from the early morning sun, or me drinking my morning coffee with bed head…..but I was never up early enough to get those gorgeous sunrises and I was traveling so the bed head had to be combed prior to my morning coffee, ugh!

The lower picture is mine and my day would not start right without a glass of orange juice.  Love it, LoVe It, lOvE iT….really!  I’m addicted….always have been and always will be. 

I like the texture in Chel’s picture (the top one).  We have to stop by her blog, Wild and Precious Life to find out what she had for breakfast that morning.

March 7, 2011

Are you Excited about your Art?


  Image from Keri Smith; go

It was time that I actually did an Art Journal page.  I really enjoyed doing my Psychodelic and Notes and a Doodle pages and these pages give me a chance to use my doodle directory!

I thought I’d write out the above statements about How to be Miserable as an Artist, which has been seen around the blogosphere for awhile.  I think that these statements apply to more people than just those who make Art, it applies to everyone.  However,  I really don’t like the negative tone of these statements, so I thought I’d turn it around.

I limited myself to 6 little flower petals.


Just playing with color combinations and pattern here.

So, I changed the whole concept from “How to be Miserable as an Artist” to “How to feel Excited about your Art”.

Just a pic of my 5x8 watercolor moleskine with the completed page.  The pic below is scanned.


How to feel excited about your Art:
  1. Never compare your work with others.
  2. Keep quiet about your Art, don’t expect others to see your vision, your way.
  3. Your entire career is never based on a single piece.
  4. Go out on a limb and try new things.
  5. Value your experiences.
  6. Push your boundaries even societal ones.
  7. Don’t just follow the money, you’ll burn out.
  8. Work on what you love, never mind if others like it.
  9. Work on something besides what your Boss wants.  (Boss used here as Customer, Client, Gallery Owner)
  10. Realize it’s all just Baby Steps, Baby Steps, Baby Steps.
I’m sure you guys have a few other things that help you to create.  Or you’ve found yourself too concerned with things or people outside of your control.  Eeek!  I’d love to hear some of your insights.

March 2, 2011

Diptych Day….Water


Water is the photo theme this week, as you can see.  Mine is the lower picture.  I hurried down the bleachers before my daughters meet was underway to snap this shot of the clean, calm, quiet water!  Nothing used to excite me more than seeing a pool in the middle of the winter so still like this.  I was always tempted to just jump in (even fully clothed) and start swimming…..back when I was ten, of course…..I never did, but wouldn’t have complained if I got pushed in.

I don’t know the full scoop about Chel’s picture (the top one) so we’ll all have to head over to her blog and find out!
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