June 16, 2009

Are Artist's Introverts?

Quote: Without doubt, the most common weakness of all people is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence ofother people. -Napoleon Hill

I came upon a poll at http://www.wetcanvas.com/. Something to the effect of "Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?"I stopped and read some of the replies, I was curious how the majority of these artistic folks answered. But, before I read the replies I answered it for myself. I answered YES! Now, I'm not saying I'm an "artist", but I've always thought of myself as kinda "artsy". I'm drawn to color, shape, texture. Yep, very visual. I also try to duplicate what I see, if I can to save a few bucks.

ME, an Introvert? But, I like people, I like my friends, my family, sometimes
even total strangers. But how could I not be an introvert? And what's wrong
with that? I love to get myself immersed in a project. I'll spend hours alone
trying to get the project finished. Then my extrovert will come out, and I'll
summons Mr.Man, and teen girl and ask them what they think... It's usually
best when they don't want me to make too many changes. But there are times
when both of them can state something so obvious and subtle and what fun it is
to run with their suggestions. I love to incorporate their tips when I can. Makes
more of a group project.

After many hours or days in a project I come up for breath. A break with family
or friends. I find that I've become more animated with them. It's like my enthusiasm for my new creation carries over into other areas of my life. I will become more extraverted. Huh???? Its usually best for the people that live with me if I have something brewing on the side. I am more relaxed that way. It's hard for me to be bored or stuck! Bring on the overwhelmed!!!

I'm curious, what are you? Do you need or tend to energize around people or
do you need to go off and recharge on your own?

June 6, 2009

Decorative Back on my IKEA chair

Customer Freebie bird from http://www.scrapgirls.com/, which I got about a year ago! Always loved this bird, but wasn't sure how I was going to use her.

I pulled the .jpg file into my photoshop program and adjusted the size to my liking, printed it out, and cut it up as my pattern. I absolutely adore RED, so that was an easy pick for the color of the bird. I found some really nice fabric at a quilt shop in town. The white fabric has a white-on-white pattern to it. It's pretty thick so I think it'll hold up to our abuse.

I debated on the white background. I was considering adding a cute little block stripe of different fabrics at the bottom of the back but in the end SIMPLICITY won out. And I think the green helps make the red pop out and not to have any other distractions in the white background fabric.

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