June 14, 2017



I left off around here from my last post.  I need to step back and take the drawing/watercolor in as I proceed.  Helps to see what needs to be done next.


The horse’s head, first I need to make sure the straps and buckles make sense before I apply the watercolor.


Then I put a light yellow wash down on all those straps.


Since I was in the vicinity…..I adjusted some of the snout pigment using all my browns and purple.  I’m always surprised at how versatile purple is!  It’s probably   my favorite underlying color. 


This ring was bugging me, so I got out my circle stencil and adjusted the lines a bit.  But the problem coming up next…. is it’s a perspective circle….meaning it’s not straight on.  

Hopefully, I can just trick the eye here!  Haha.

June 6, 2017



I’ve enhanced my jockey a little from where I left off in the last post.  I’ll need to go back in and push the shadows and folds darker soon.


I seem to be all over the place with this horse, not working in sections like I had in my previous horse.


The horse’s eye was creeping me out, it looked like a ghost’s eye…so I skipped ahead to give it some life.


The straps and harnesses on this horse are all dark…but I liked the lighter strap lines from the previous horse.  I will pull in my creative license and try to change the dark brown straps to tan.  Bummer…that I changed my mind here, cuz I already laid down some rust color for that strap on the upper left side.


These two are starting to take shape now.  I’m trying to lay down color overall, before I get too carried away with the details!

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