April 12, 2012

Left vs. Right


I came across this amazing picture from Mercedes Benz advertising last month. 

Which inspired me to redo my right brain versus left brain postWhich includes some really good links about this sort of thing.

I drew two ladies. 

I mirrored this picture that I spotted on pinterest, for the structure.

Tried my hand at a different style of contour drawing.

Then I wrote out a bunch of adjectives for each brain type.  I’d never get anything done if I shunned all of the above characteristics.

I’d bore myself to tears if I didn’t relate to some of these traits either.

The fun part was coloring in each hat.

It’s pretty obvious what brain is dominant on this woman.

Brain Myth #2: A person's personality displays a right-brain or left-brain dominance.
Fact: The two sides are intricately co-dependent.   (from this article)

You really can’t tell from the outside how people think. Possibly we pick up clues by their behavior and aptitudes. I always think it’s important to pay attention to what people tell you about themselves.


I took this little brain dominance (teen) quiz and I was surprised that I came out Right Brain Dominant.  Many questions I could have answered both ways.

And just think we didn’t even factor in introversion or extroversion to the equation.  So many variables, so many choices.  Is it nature?  Is it nurture?  Free-will?  You decide.


Trece said...

I took the quiz, too. I'm Left Brain dominant. Only found a couple of questions whose choices were both irrelevant (to me).

Susan said...

Great post! Love your artwork.

Eden said...

Thanks Trece and Susan, aren't those quizes just goofy and fun? I appreciate you taking the time to comment, Thank You :D

Anonymous said...

I ran into your blog 1 day & I'm just fascinated in reading & watching your sketches & drawings! Love the face sketches.
Thanks for sharing!
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Anonymous said...

You re so talented. I m curious about left or right brain dominance in someone s life cose my daughter is left handed but so talented in playing violin ( with the right hand).

Eden said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment Anonymous! I think everyone is creative...people have the most fun when they get to express it. Many ways to express creativity too!

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