July 14, 2014

Alphabet Series…..Going Digital...N.C


I started my Block Alphabet Series last month in my 5x8 watercolor moleskine.

I was asked over 2 years ago to draw my “art” digitally.  And I fought it!!  You see… I enjoy the hand coloring process with my portable projects.  There are times I don’t know how a drawing will go until I put pen to paper and play.


I guess I was finally ready to give it a go!! Cuz last week when I finished my Block Letter N, I scanned and opened up photoshop and proceeded to colored it in.


After I completed the N in Green, I changed the background to Red.


Then from Red, I tried Blue.

I thought they turned out pretty cool!!  I like that each letter is bold enough with whatever color I chose.  This is good!!


Then…it’s was “C’s” turn…


Scanned and colored here!  Digitally I have an infinite number of color choices and that can drive me a little mad!!  I need limits!  So, I just picked my basic colors and used a lighter or darker version of each….thus creating a limited palette.


Completed a Black/White Alphabet series a few years ago.  Pulled in my A-D jpeg….


Cropped and Colored in the A.  There is so much flexibility digitally.  It lends itself to many more uses that is for sure!!

So, what do you guys think?  Do you like these done digitally?  Which N is your favorite?  Do you draw digitally?


jinxxxygirl said...

No digital for me. And i like yours better without digital too....But then i'm old school and intend to remain that way...:) Ofcourse your stuff is always beautiful so i'm sure you will find a following no matter what direction you take. Hugs! deb

Janet said...

I haven't a clue how to do anything digitally! I've tried but this thick head just doesn't get it. Of all the "N" letters I like the red one best...but I agree with jinxxxygirl. I like your own drawings without the digital colorings. You always do such beautiful art.

Eden said...

Hi Deb....I know, I know...but this is something that I got to try and the Alphabet is an easy place to start!! Psychologically, I'm not ready to go all Digital :)

Hi Janet...you probably know more than you think you do Miss Janet!! I like the Red one the best too....sis :)

Anonymous said...

No I like the green and then the blue. I haven't got a clue where to start digitally. What package do you use? I just doodle in front of the TV or on holiday. I enjoy popping over. Thank you. :-)

Eden said...

@alisonb I use photoshop elements to color in and adjust my lines from the original scan! Thanks for your vote...red is a strong color!! haha

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