May 26, 2011



All I have to say is “I’m impressed with the Catholic School System here”.  Having moved here almost 18 years ago, when my daughter was one and my son was ready for kindergarten, all I heard about was how good the Catholic Schools were in this area.  This isn’t a city that hosts only 3 or 4 catholic schools, it’s got about 33 grade schools and about 7 high schools.  These are not your “nuns in habits whacking the knuckles of the boys with a ruler” schools.  These are normal, respectable, good schools that reinforce the values that are taught at home, simple as that.  They aren’t following the dictate of the government or some public schools for that matter where they’ve done everything they can to take God out of the equation.  Personally, I think that God helps keep things in perspective.  Anytime kids (people)  realize that it’s not all about them and that there is something bigger than themselves out there it’s a good thing.   This picture was taken as my daughter received her high school diploma from a Catholic High School.  The schools aren’t perfect, they still have to deal with drinking, drugs, stealing and cheating.  What’s good is there are consequences for these behaviors and the kids take note.   What was interesting is these 199 girls received over 13 million dollars in scholarship money.  Not petty change……btw, I’m not even Catholic.

If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything.

That pretty picture on top was taken by Chel at Wild and Precious life.  I wonder what she’ll say about God there.


JP said...

What a classy bunch of graduates! I was very impressed with the school, staff, and students. Eden - I think you have a mistake in your $$ scholarship money I believe the amount quoted was $14 million? Did I hear this wrong? I am old, you know. On top of this, they received nearly a half million from he Kentucky schools.

Eden said...

Yep, JP you are right, I just found my flyer. They earned over $13,800,000 in scholarships....I guess I just remembered the 3! Hahaha!!

Chel said...

I have to admit, I went to a VERY strict Christian high school and while I had issues with some of the philosophy that was drilled into us, I was incredibly well prepared for college. If anything, college seemed like a relief, academic-wise!

So while I have a better grasp of Biblical History and Ethics than I do of World History/Geography, my education was pretty amazing overall. And it gave me a chance to decide my own principles and ethics fairly early on- most people aren't really faced with that challenge until their 20's.

Deidra said...

Congratulations to your daughter! She looks thrilled!

Pat said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter on this milestone. Now the fun begins--for both of you!

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